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Best Ideas About White Dresses

June 21, 2017

 Each color is a carrier of certain information. White color is associated with purity and innocence that's why they are always in trend. They say that every woman should have a small black dress, but every woman following fashion trends should have a short white dress as well.
The actual length of white dress can be mini or midi, but classic white dress length usually does not reach the knee. Complex details usually look rather inappropriate - after all, white color is laconic and simple, but bright. There are still small details, adding which will make simple white dress look special. For example, a deep neckline and lace will add sexuality. The most common white dress can be stylish if you just use your imagination in a right way.

Strict white dresses without decoration, a straight silhouette, slightly longer than the knee - looks great with contrasting jackets. Belt is not needed. Smooth little sleeves and V neck or round-shaped neck - all together is ready image of a modern fashionable woman.


A holiday dress is all about a white dress. Some collections of this year's fashion houses are made only in white. The materials used for lacy, crocheted, modest and glamorous evening dresses are diverse. White dress seemed to come from a fairy tale. There is a slight weightlessness and transparency of the ice in white color.

There is an old false myth that a white dress adds extra pounds is considered insolvent. It's enough just to try on an attractive outfit to see that it's not true.
The second common myth about white dresses is Impracticality. Modern fabrics are adapted for daily wear, and whites can not yet shed. That's why white outfit is much more practical than any other color. A beautiful snow-white wedding dress is the choice of most of the brides. Therefore, white dresses are associated with joy, happiness and youth. Clothes of this color can be used as a talisman, attracting love and good luck. It is not necessary to choose a dress only in white. It can be a dress with floral embroidery, a transparent and flowing spring dress. Modern fashion does not prohibit wearing white dresses with any type of figure.


The beauty of the legs can be shown with a white dress in a country style. Imagine the length just above the knee and wide edges made of snow-white lace along the edge of the hem and sleeves. No more decorative details needed. The owner of this dress looks amazingly feminine, gentle and attractive. According to the version of the D & G fashion house - a simple dress made of silk and satin ribbons, alternating with each other - is the best of white dresses. A long sleeve, cut at the waist - everything looks very simple. But to buy such simplicity means to afford to look amazingly elegant. A true master knows how to turn simplicity into dignity.
Couple of expressive details are enough for white outfits. The main accent of modern designers is the color. And that is correct: after all, the outfits cause an irresistible desire to peer at them, and they look innocent and at the same time frankly. This is especially true for long lace dresses.


Lavish Miami Designs' recommendations is to use as much lace as possible choosing a white dress. Manual production of such a dress can make it look very special. Most of the outfits that are presented by Lavish Miami Designs are completely hand made. We have a big variety of white dresses with lace, transparent mesh in several layers and more dense material as a cover. Check out our online store to find your special white dress at!

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