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Gold Fever by Lavish Miami Designs: Gold Dresses for Women

August 5, 2017

Golden color is the color of luxury, elegance and wealth. A woman in a gold dress looks chic and royal. As with any clothing, there are rules that you need to pay attention wearing gold.

First of all, do not forget that wearing gold-colored clothing is the best in the evening, because darkness reveals magical features of the gold color. During the day gold clothes would look ridiculous and even vulgar. But you can still put on clothes containing small golden elements when this color acts as an additional element or is a separate accessory.


Gold & Blue


Charming way to wear gold clothes is to put it on against the blue background. In this case, the predominance of a dark blue tone over gold, which will be a bright addition, is perfect. 


Golden & Purple


The outfit, in which the gold color is combined with lilac or purple, will look gorgeous at dinner parties, various celebrations, evening and nights out. Wearing a purple dress with gold accessories and a gold belt would be perfect. You will look rich, elegant and stylish.



Gold & Black


The most beautiful and elegant is the combination of gold color and black. Paring gold dress with black shoes, black belt of the same style or black jewelry will look just great.


Gold & Brown


A golden tone is a tone of warmth, and brown refers to such. It means that the combination of gold and brown in your outfit is appropriate both in the daytime and in the evening.


Golden & Red


If you consider yourself to be a strong and energetic woman, you need to choose the combination of gold with coral and red. A red dress with golden accessories, shoes, a belt - the main thing is not to overdo it - then wearing such clothes is appropriate at any time.


Golden & Green


Any lady will look incredibly soft, light and fresh wearing a combination of golden and green. The color gold attracts looks, being the main color. Green background will play the role of soothing.


Gold & White


You can combine gold color with white in your summer outfits. For example, you can put on a white shirt with a golden skirt, even adding some black elements to it. A beautiful golden dress with white shoes and accessories looks very harmoniously and rich. 


We at Lavish Miami Designs love gold dresses and offer few designs at our online store. Of course, wearing a gold dress is the best for a cocktail party or a night out. But if you really like gold color, you can always wear it combining with another colors any time of a day. 

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