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How to Organize Your Closet. Steps, Tips & Ideas

September 1, 2017

Would be so nice to have all things in their right places! Wouldn't it? If you don't know how to arrange your wardrobe, we will share some of the secrets and rules of the storage space organization.


First step - get rid of all unnecessary items


For most of us it's so hard to do it but it is one of the most important steps to get organized, that's where it begins. Reconsider each item and get rid of everything that hasn't been worn for a long time. To make it easier for you - give away some nice stuff to your friends or for charity. By the way, there are some charity organizations who offer pick up.

After such an audit you will free up space for something new.




Empty your cabinet completely from all things and put everything on your bed. Now start the selection - take one item and ask yourself the question: "Do I wear this?" If your answer is YES right away - put it in a separate pile (number one). According to some stylists, it's only 20% of your wardrobe. If your answer sounds like: "I like this thing, but I do not really wear it," think about why this is happening. Do you really want to give it a "second chance"? (stack 2). If you do not wear it simply because you did not remember its existence - congratulations with a pleasant surprise! Things that you have not worn for more than 9 months, or those that absolutely do not fit your body - go to the third stack: they can be given away or sold. Separately put items that should be washed.


Second step - determine zones

If your apartment does not have a closet - allocate a little space in one of the rooms (bedroom is best for that), fencing it with several narrow shelves. The result is a compact, but roomy dressing room.


Second step - tagging


If you store shoes in boxes - find a little time and sign them all. Or use a more original way - take a picture of each pair, print a photo and paste it on the box. Let this procedure take several hours, but you do not have to break through the whole closet in panic to find your favorite shoes for an important event.


Everything should have its place. The most popular items should be at an eye level. Items that you wear less often store at the bottom on easily accessible shelves, but put the most unused items on the uppermost shelves. Using baskets as well as storage boxes will help you to neatly decompose things from the last category.


Choose the same hangers, or let them at least be made from the same material (wood, metal, or plastic) - then your closet will look more organized and neat.


Try to sort and group things by color, so they will be much easier to find.

Add more light! Lighting is the key to finding anything in the closet, but often only the ceiling light in the room is not enough. Take care of additional sources of lighting.


Be sure to take into account seasons change


Be sure to take into account the scenario of moving from your summer wardrobe to your winter wardrobe throughout the year. Keep in mind your high winter boots, voluminous sweaters, gowns, business suits and some outer clothing. Imagine unexpected situations that may occur, and think about what clothes you might need. The mezzanine part of your closet can be well used for storing suitcases and rarely used travel bags.

If you live in a small apartment, replace the standard cabinet doors with something softer and taking up less space - like curtains or complete absence of closing elements.







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