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Peach Color Dresses: How to Combine and Match It

September 14, 2017


 Peach is amazing color that carries freshness, tenderness and refinement. It refers to summer tones, although modern designers manage to make peach-colored coats. Lets talk about this color and it's place in a wardrobe of a modern lady.


Peach is a unique color! It goes to all other color types, rejuvenates the skin, exotic and subtle, bright and mild at the same time. This color has a high aesthetic value, but often diverges from the needs of the modern world: women's pursuit of uniqueness, freedom, independence and objectivity moved the peach color to the background. However, it is impossible to completely ignore peach shades. The main theme of peach fashion is wedding, evening and cocktail dresses. These are the environments when a woman can afford to show carelessness, romantism and lightness.


Whom does the peach color fits?

As we already mentioned, peach color is universal for all, however, you can tell which shades of peach would be more appropriate for you:

  • Wearing peach color is perfect in any style during spring season.

  • Summer time, depending on the contrast, try to stay away from particularly bright and pure shades of peach.

  • During fall season peach within orange tone shades are good unlike shades close to pink.

  • Finally, winter time requires the purity of the peach color. Its brightness becomes critical.

Peach Color Palette



Peach is a borderline color between pink and orange, so its shades can be either orange or pink.

  1. Petite Peach- the warmest shade in this palette. It contains the rays of the summer sun, the beach and amazing tropical flowers.

  2. Coral Almond -  a delicate and fragile pastel tone, practically bodily, it looks good both on tanned skin and white skin.

  3. Endless Peach - flowing, flying, falling in love. This shade is entering summer fashion, it is difficult to imagine the summer without it.

  4. Bittersweet - light and warm pink color, that hides coral notes, exotic tunes. This type of peach color look fresh.

  5. Salted Shrimp - a delicate pink shade with an inner sheen. This is a gloss and grace, which in combination gives an amazing effect.

  6. Golden Poppy - the darkest shade in this palette, it differs in its saturation and orange sub-slope.

What colors goes with peach dress



Just like in nature, peach blossom can be combined with the color of the sun, sky and green grass, in clothes peach dress or skirt can be an effective to variety of other colors.


Peach and mint. Fashionable mint color perfectly coexists in a pair with light and saturated peach shades, especially if it is summer. It can be peach-colored shorts, mint top or blouse, peach or beige sandals on heels. For a romantic evening, you can add a mint jacket to a peach dress made of satin or chiffon. 

Peach and blue. Different shades of blue create magnificent pairs with peach clothes. These can be blue pants and a peach top with spaghetti straps or a wide blue skirt paired with a white top and peach jacket. For everyday style, blue jeans and a peach top are quite suitable. 

Peach and violet. Lilac, purple tones quite successfully coexist with the peach color. However, one should pay attention to how close the violet is to the face. It is likely that a purple blouse or jacket will make the face pale and dull. For summer, try putting on a peach blouse made of light material, a violet maxi skirt violet sandals. 

Peach and tangerine. Juicy orange shades are most appropriate in beach images, when it is necessary to emphasize the evenness of the tan and the beauty of the skin. It can be a tangerine swimsuit, complemented by a beach sundress or a pareo of peach color. 

Peach and coral. Very gentle color solution that is relevant for romantic meetings and confessions of love. 


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