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How To Dress For Halloween: Ideas For Women

October 26, 2017

The scariest night of the year is around the corner. If you are not prepared for the Halloween yet - don't panic! You can create a lot of interesting images using one of the dresses in your wardrobe, your makeup (simple set of black liner, shades and lipstick).

What kind of dresses will make you look terribly beautiful for Halloween 2018? Find out some great ideas in our blog!


Dead Bride



The image of a dead bride for Halloween is very easy to create, but it will look awesome for sure! Basically you need a long white dress and a makeup set. You can color your dress with any paint. Just put maximum pale makeup, blue hair extensions and a cold look will stir up even the bravest!


 Zombie Girl

To become a zombie for Halloween all you need to do is to get any dress, put some red paint on your dress and body and some scary makeup. All the details is up to your imagination! 


The image of a zombie will give you the opportunity to create the most amazing details in both make-up and attire! 


Vampire Girl



The vampire outfit will not only make everyone around you rejoice over your reincarnation, but will also give new life to the oldest things - try to find an old black dress, better if it would be black lace dress. Of course don't forget about makeup! Black arrows, complemented by shadows and swollen red lipstick will not only make a terrifying, but also a seductive image.


This choice will make you look horrified, while remaining incredibly sexy at the same time!




Witch is an easy and fun image to create for Halloween. Just get a witch's cap, find one of your old black classic dresses, put on red or black lips, and of course, get a broom!


Evil Doll



All you need to create a Halloween Doll Image is a cute short dress.

There are many ways to create a doll makeup. You will need black liner, white shades, red lipstick pen and lipstick. 


Halloween is a fantasy holiday! On this day, everything that does not exist comes to life, and the impossible happens. Therefore, follow the spirit of Halloween - connect your imagination and creativeness - and create the most original costume!


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