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Right Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress


Every woman that wore a beautiful long dress at least once in her life remembers her feelings of delight and trembling which it gives. A long dress is most often associated with a holiday, a wedding, a gala evening, a theater, a restaurant, with something beautiful and, unfortunately, infrequent. In our time, the length of the dress has decreased critically, attracting the look to the beauty of the female legs, however recently, very long dresses began to occupy women's dressing rooms and cabinets. Beautiful long dresses are not necessarily evening dresses. Although, if we choose a long dress - then most often, it is evening. Luxurious, sewn from expensive, shiny fabrics, evening dress turns us from simple housewives and office workers into fairytale princesses and queens. But a long dress can be everyday. It can be an elegant dress below the knee, which can be worn for work, or maybe a free-cut dress on one strap for a friendly buffet table. Long light dresses in Greek style can be in the form of sundresses or beach dresses. Such dresses attract women of all ages for wearing comfort and the ability to hide from the eyes of others whatever you want to hide, or maybe, on the contrary, to show. If the long dress has a slit, and your height is close to the models' one, then it will favorably emphasize the shape and beauty of the legs. For shorter women, you can also choose a long dress, but in this case it is desirable to wear it with a wide strap or choose a silhouette that emphasizes the waist. Cutout is desirable, pick up a deep one. The rest is a matter of taste.

For women with broad shoulders, it is better to choose a dress with a closed top, in any case, thin straps will increase your shoulders even more. For short women of royal sizes, long dresses are hard to pick up, stylists most often recommend choosing a dress with a length below the knee, but not in the floor. The color scheme of the dress, at the same time, is selected individually.

To create the completeness of the image, select several accessories. First, suitable shoes. For evening dresses it is, of course, heels. For everyday dresses, that can be sandals or ballet flats. Do not forget to add a fashionable bag, glasses, hat, jewelry. With their help you will emphasize your individuality and excellent taste.

We at Lavish Miami Designs, have a big choice of long dresses. Please visit to learn more!

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